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About AON

what's in a name? - romeo and juliet, act ii scene ii

how do we reconcile the fact that we value irreverence and creative expression just as much as we value academia, supporting our friends, and being generally engaged people in this world? How do we recognize all those ‘other names’ we have for ourselves, those parts of our being that we don't always want to discuss or even admit to? the parts that are concerned with balancing self-care and self-indulgence. the parts that maybe don't understand all they want to about fractured identities and intersectionality.

The concept of this project and what it means to me is becoming clear: this is about ladies*, about mental health and how we take care of ourselves; it is about allowing others to teach us about themselves, and in the process, about ourselves. this is about accepting those seemingly superficial things, those things many strong intelligent women might be afraid and embarrassed that that they even give a shit about, but that in reality are just another aspect of identity. it is figuring out next steps in our lives while remaining faithful to and mindful of the present. it is challenging ourselves and those around us. it is learning to accept ourselves as multifaceted and dynamic.



*ladies here, and throughout this site, refers to anyone who identifies as femme. on that note, much of the language used in my posts may be cis- or heteronormative, since i can only speak to my own experiences. but i want to use as much inclusive language as possible, so please contact me with any thoughts or ideas.