About ROse


if i should buy jellybeans/ i'd have to eat them all in just one sitting - rufus wainwright

I am a born and raised New Yorker who exchanged Manhattan for Massachusetts for a few years. Still figuring a lot of things out, including:

- Why I did that

- What I’m doing after I get my bachelor’s

- Why it seemed like a good idea to start a blog when I probably should be writing a paper (sorry mom!)

- Why sometimes “estrogen” is spelled like “oestrogen” and how anyone ever pronounces that correctly on the first try

I was recently diagnosed with something called adenomyosis, which is effectively endometriosis. I’ll spare the gory details (on this page, at least) because I trust you are going to immediately google/webmd each and every menstrual cramp you have logged in your cycle calendar, whether or not I actually discuss my uterus right here and right now. needless to say, this, and a host of other physical and mental health issues i've experienced in the last several years, has played quite the taxing role on both my personal and academic lives. but you know what? i'll be damned if that means i don't put on some sexy tunes, some red lipstick, and drink some kombucha. you can't let it beat you.

One last thing. I’m trying this thing where I don’t apologize for the space I take up in this world, physically and emotionally. I encourage you to always do the same. So yeah, explore, pick my brain and pick your nose while you do so.  I won’t judge you. I just ask the same in return.