causes to know

this list is, of course, far from exhaustive. i am looking for new projects to add to this list, and i hope you keep checking back to see what is new.


American foundation for suicide prevention

afsp funds scientific research on suicide, offers educational programs for professionals and educates the public about suicide and its associated risk factors, and provides programs and resources for both people at risk and grieving loved ones.


brain & behavior research foundation

this foundation provides grants to scientists who are invested in discovering and understanding causes of various mental illnesses in both children and adults.  


treatment advocacy center

this nonprofit organization is dedicated to promoting laws and policies for effective treatment of mental illness, particularly for persistent illnesses such as schizophrenia and bipolar disorder.


trevor project

this is the leading national organization providing crisis and suicide intervention services to young people (ages 13-24) who belong to the lgbtq+ community. you may be familiar with “it gets better”, which is an associated project. 


a few causes that support women

Movemeant Foundation

This is an initiative promoting body positivity in young women, through fitness and physical education. The goal is not to ask girls to lose weight or to mold into a particular ideal, but to build confidence and instill social change.


National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation

This organization focuses on many issues that relate to women’s rights, including but not limited to pay equity; discriminations based on race, ability, family structure, and more; reproductive rights, and media representation.



I will absolutely be attempting this challenge, which harnesses the power of fashion and creative expression, this year. Dressember’s challenge is to wear a dress every day for the month of December! Its goal is to bring awareness to and advocate for women who are victims of oppression through sexual exploitation, trafficking, and other forms of violence. The challenge has linked up with International Justice Mission and the A21 Campaign.


Girls Who Code

This non-profit is dedicated to closing the gender-gap in technology and related professional fields. It accomplishes its goals by sponsoring clubs and summer coding programs. Talk about #ladybrain


The Breathe Network

This network connects survivors of sexual violence with care and support. This holistic model of trauma-informed healing is quickly becoming an important one for the treatment of survivors.



There are countless organizations and grassroots movements that are relevant to mental health and the health of women, and I will be adding to this list as regularly as I’m able. i strongly encourage you to explore causes and charities that are important to you. And when you find projects that I haven’t included here (and I know there are many, many important organizations that I haven’t posted), please let me know!