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in a perfect world, biggie would still be around, and he would absolutely still be relevant. in a perfect world, there is no tampon tax. in a perfect world, vending machines actually work like they do in those weird coca-cola ads in movie theaters before the previews, and there are little like elf-things that put all this care into your soda and definitely do not judge you for choosing a fake-sugar-real-caloric-value kind of beverage to slurp on rather than a water to drink and not spill on yourself while you cry watching finding dory alone on the opening day. just like, as an example of a movie that is totally normal to watch alone when you’re a fully-grown human. not as a real-life description of something that happened to me but by the way if you spill diet coke on yourself in the middle of that movie it’s not a big deal because your tears kind of help clean it up and get rid of that stickiness. 

in a perfect world, we ain't gotta believe we deserve anything less than that feeling when a hall & oates song comes on in the car.