tips for self-care

sometimes what we need is to take care of others. but it is critical to not compromise our health, psychological or otherwise, in the process. here are some thoughts for self-care:

- take a mindful shower or bath

- drink a cup of non-caffeinated or herbal tea. bonus points for lemon and a touch of honey

- play a game of cards with your friends

- adult coloring books are a thing

- take 30 minutes to read for yourself – unplugged from your devices

- blast some music (spice girls will do the trick) and play dress up

- call a long-distance friend or family member

- journal about your day, but let your mind and your pencil wander towards fantasy

- did you breathe yet? in for five, out for five.

- stretch or practice yoga. put your legs up a wall. ayoooooo

- watch videos of cute animals and other important internet stuff

- laughter is really important. and don't be afraid to even laugh at yourself (yasmin ruvalcaba saludado)


if you have any tips you'd like to suggest, please drop me a line. i will be sure to credit you, unless you specify otherwise